• Fixing and replacing of broken torsion springs
  • Rollers Repair / Replace
  • Springs Adjustment
  • Springs Maintenance
  • Snapped Cable Repair
  • Spring / Cable Installation
  • Garage Door Extension Springs
  • And Much more …..


Garage door springs are a special group of springs that many people are oblivious of and hardly even know about. However just because people don’t know about them does not stop them from doing their job well as can be seen when any garage door opens and closes as it should.
The minute these trusty springs do a number and breaks signifies a very difficult time ahead for you because you will no longer have access to your garage. Yes, when they stop working you will know about garage door springs, you will feel the weight of their presence then!
As you consider your options and what you are going to do, one option you should never think about is attempting to replace the springs yourself. Garage door springs replacement is a very dangerous and complex process that also involves replacing other door components that make up the garage door system. This is all the more reason to leave the replacement to someone who actually knows what they are doing.
If you value your health and your life, then call Federal Way Garage Door Repair when you get sprung by your garage door springs!