‘I don’t know what we would have done without Federal Way Garage Door Repair who warned us about the dangers of amateur spring replacements. My husband and son were keen on doing it as a project but were talked out of it by the technicians. During the replacement of the springs by the agents, the door accidently gave way and crashed. Fortunately no one was hurt because the springs were loosed gently by experts. The sound the crash made frightened me and I kept thinking what if it had been my husband and son who had loosened the springs without knowing how to properly do it? Thank you for taking time to explain all that to us Federal Way Garage Door Repair.’ – Molly D
‘Sometimes thank you is not enough and you need to write a little letter. May everyone get to know what amazing people you are over at Federal Way Garage Door Repair.’ – Mary S
‘It’s a bit funny really. We have moved houses four times and every time Federal Way Garage Door Repair have been our go-to repair agents and every time they never disappoint.’ – Lauren and Drew Benet
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